Tilden House Residency


Los Angeles based film composer CHRISTOPHER YOUNG is proud to offer the Tilden House Residency to qualified applicants.


The Tilden House Residency is a unique residency program offering low cost housing in Los Angeles, California in order to help aspiring film composers and musicians establish themselves in Hollywood. The goal of the program is to provide housing assistance to those who might not otherwise be able to start or continue their careers.

"This is just the beginning of a much larger idea that I have, "Christopher Young recently said. "My ultimate goal is to acquire an apartment building so that I can increase the number of spaces available, and at the same time decrease the amount of rent that is being paid. I am so thrilled that I have finally been able to take this first step and cannot wait to see the rooms fully occupied."

Tilden House is a fully furnished, newly renovated property administered by Conover Lane Music and currently houses up to 4 residents at a time. Each room is offered significantly below market value. Each resident is assigned a private, locked room complete with a full-size bed, closet, dresser and desk. There is a communal living room, dining room and kitchen.


  1. Passionate, hard-working, motivated people who want to begin or advance a career in music
  2. U.S. and non-U.S. citizens regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation or disability
  3. All geographic regions of the world are eligible, including local applicants currently residing in Los Angeles County
  4. Applicants at every level will be considered


  1. Residency term is limited to 4 months and cannot be extended or renewed
  2. $600/month x 4 months rent
  3. $500 refundable deposit
  4. $50 non-refundable bedding & towel fee
  5. Move in date is 2nd of month. Move out date is 1st of month by 10 noon. 
  6. Utilities included:
    • Water
    • Electricity / Gas
    • DSL Internet service
    • Local telephone service
      (A phone card is required to place long distance calls)
  7. Residents are required to sign a standard California Rental Agreement
  8. Residents will undergo a background check
  9. Conover Lane Music is not responsible for personal belongings and strongly urges residents to purchase their own Renter's Insurance
  10. Residents are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to Los Angeles (including arranging any necessary visas)
  11. Residents are responsible for their own transportation in Los Angeles during the residency (public transportation is extremely limited)
  12. It is hoped that residents will use the opportunity of a living space that is significantly below market value in order to save money for their next living space.


  1. Be a team player, willing to pitch in and lend a helping hand when needed
  2. Uphold the cleanliness of the property
  3. Maintain a non-smoking environment inside the house
  4. Respect the rights and privacy of fellow residents
  5. Consult fellow residents where the practice of musical instruments and musical playback are concerned
  6. Respect neighbors of adjacent properties
  7. Attend a monthly house meeting to report progress and discuss difficulties
  8. Overnight guests are not encouraged


  1. A letter of no more than 2 pages explaining applicant's background, goals and why they feel they qualify for the residency
  2. Include: Full name
    Telephone number
    E-mail address
  3. 3 personal and/or professional references (letters of recommendation are helpful, though not required)
  4. Applicants are welcome to submit samples of work, but are not required to do so in order to be considered for the residency


Send letters of application to:
12654 West Washington Boulevard. Suite 201
Los Angeles CA 90066